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Leslie Mayer, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Specialty: CEO Coaching and
Developing Executive Talent

“Executive talent is the crucial
  bridge between great ideas and
  great results. For emerging growth
  enterprises, no challenge is more
  important than recognizing
  and developing truly
  exceptional leadership.”

What Makes Leslie Unique
Leslie has been characterized as the “coach to the stars.” Applying her experience as a business psychologist, she helps CEOs work through
the most delicate interpersonal and leadership challenges. She has a gift
for sizing up individuals and for penetrating the subtleties of personality
and personal interaction. She coaches CEOs to improve in specific ways, such as communicating with direct reports, handling the board of directors, motivating employees, and interacting with outside clients and partners.

Top executives often have no one within their company they can truly confide in without some risk. Leslie understands this, and her clients value her as a person with whom they can share private thoughts and feelings. She helps them see how their views, attitudes, and temperament affect both their working relationships and their personal job satisfaction. She gives them a new, broader perspective on their role as leader, and makes them aware of how others perceive them.

Because Leslie knows the players in the region’s VC and entrepreneurial community, she serves as a strategic resource for her clients as well.
She is adept at spotting potential synergies and makes introductions
to help her clients forge strategic alliances, find partners, and add to
their management teams.


Leslie Mayer created Mayer Leadership Group to provide comprehensive counsel and support to CEOs and senior management teams of both growing companies and established market-leading enterprises. She coaches CEOs to improve in specific ways, such as enhancing effectiveness with the board of directors, identifying and leveraging talent within the organization, creating cultures that support business objectives, managing uncertainty, knowledge transfer and enhancing relationships with outside clients and partners.

By background a psychologist and educator and by nature an entrepreneur, Leslie possesses a powerful understanding of what it takes to lead and grow young businesses, enterprises undergoing fundamental transformation or explosive growth, or companies navigating the uncertain waters of complex global and technological markets. Leslie both provides her own expertise in Leadership Development, Learning Theory and Group Dynamics and leads a team of experts experienced in a variety of leadership, organizational and communications disciplines, including Strategic Planning, Profiling and Assessment, Executive Leadership Development, CEO Coaching, New Leader Assimilation, Knowledge Transfer and Corporate and Interpersonal Communications.

Leslie's clients have included chief executives and senior management of FMC Corporation, Novartis, UGI Corporation, AmeriGas, GlaxoSmithKline, Lincoln Financial, ViroPharma, American Water Services, Aramark, Kramont Realty, Wolf Block, InnaPhase Corporation, Neiman Group, Heartland Payment Systems, Octagon Research Solutions, Safeguard Scientifics, Internet Capital Group, EnerTech Capital Partners, TL Ventures, LLR Partners, JSP International, TMX Interactive, CompuCom, Liquent, Bell Microproducts, Ben Franklin Tech Partners, Valaran Corporation, T Williams Consulting, VerticalNet, V-SPAN, Enerwise Global Technologies, Cadient Group, Gcom2 Solutions, UnREAL Marketing and Alliance Consulting as well as government and not-for-profit institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank, American Red Cross, Philadelphia School District, University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and Wharton School of Business and the Children's Television Workshop. For five years, Leslie also served as Senior Consultant to the Key Executive Services (KES) practice of Right Management Consultants, the world's largest publicly-held human resources/career development consulting firm.

Leslie holds both Master's and Doctoral degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently a Senior Fellow in the Management Department of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, working with the Wharton Global Family Alliance. Leslie has been a featured speaker at numerous regional conferences and has been widely quoted in both national and international publications. Within the past five years, she has also served on various Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Leslie is also a member of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women, Forum of Executive Women, Society for Psychologists in Management and the American Psychological Association.

Contact Leslie at lmayer@mayerleadership.com